White iPhone 4 or Transparent – What Would You Prefer?

There are all sorts of rumors flying around surrounding the mythical White iPhone 4; one of the rumors is that it is set to be released February 27th. We have seen little evidence of the device, but when Apple released the iPhone 4 on Verizon a White iPhone was featured on their website, this was quickly removed, was it a blooper or something of the future?

If you are fed up of waiting for your iPhone 4 in the sleek white then don’t worry, we have a couple of alternatives for you. The first as our title suggests is a see-through iPhone case. Stuart Miles of Pocket-Lint.com has written an article on the see-through case, they say that an iPhone fan has taken the case to the next level; he has made his own custom case. Instead of making it in white or any other color the fan has opted for the transparency effect!

Stuart Miles also mentions that Apple perhaps didn’t design the iPhone for it’s innards to be seen so there isn’t an awful lot to be seen, still its pretty cool don’t you think? You can read another take on the custom case over at Product-Reviews.net where Peter Chubb has had his say.

If you aren’t impressed with that, perhaps you would like something different. How about a retro calculator case? If this is something that floats-your-boat a little better then you can order yours from etsy.com for $19.50.

Which is your favorite case? Are you going to hang around for the White iPhone 4 or have you lost patience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Sher0000

    White Iphone would be my 1st choice.