Survey: 1 In 5 Say Social Media Helpful In Job Searching

In a current climate where jobs are still scarce and people are desperately seeking employment, all are vying for that certain something that will give them the edge over everybody else. We have spoken about the benefits of businesses exploring the use of social media and potentially what it could mean for their brands, but today we wanted to look into whether it could work for students trying to find work.

A recent survey was carried out by “ on 177 students and graduates across the United Kingdom. The aim was to find out whether social media has helped them in any way shape or form with their job hunting quest. As reported, the results concluded that 70% of students said that they had participated in using social media to help with finding a job, but 1 in 5 of them felt that it was useful. Percentage wise, 81% said that it didn’t help them.

We mentioned just the other day, how companies in the UK were turning to social media to make themselves openly known to others, and how they were looking at the bigger picture with views to logging onto social networking sites. Many students are using these methods, but as well as joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn, many have wanted to explore the likes of social media.

The Founder of “Timothy Mukasa,” said, “The results came as a total surprise. There is a lot of press about the usefulness of social media for job hunting, however the evidence here appears to be contradictory. We would advise students not to dismiss, or totally rely on, social media, but to see it as an additional string to the job hunting bow.”

Tell us have you looked into social media when finding a job? Have you had success or disappointment with it? Let us know.