Logitech M515 Wireless Mouse: 2 Years Battery Life

Choosing a mouse can be a difficult choice, there are so many different options available that all offer pretty much the same outcome. Whether you need a mouse for everyday computing functions or connection to your home entertainment system, most are capable of furnishing you with what you require.

So what makes one mouse offer that something extra that until now you didn’t really think you needed? Well Logitech masters of accessories think that they have come up with just the thing.

According to Pocket-lint there has been an increase of consumers using their PC’s as media centers for their home cinema systems. Now while you may think that this hasn’t got a lot to do with the handy control device, we can all relate to the issue of using your mouse on anything other than a solid flat surface. It just doesn’t really work does it?

Logitech have embraced this problem and come up with the M515 Wireless Mouse. Although initially looking like a normal mouse the M515 has some clever additions that give itself to the soft platform, sofa, bed and even carpet usage.

As Engadget reported the Logitech device has a sealed base allowing easy drag across any surface, without the issue of fluff clogging it up. It also gains super fast scrolling, a micro USB transmitter and a battery life of up to 2 years. Power saving is optimized by the use of a clever touch system that means the mouse is only on when you place your hand on it.

Marcus Harvey of Logitech was noted in saying; “Millions of people are connecting their computer to the TV, and the M515 mouse was built to address the unique needs of this experience,” he also added, “As technology evolves and consumers’ habits change, Logitech continues to develop navigation devices that make it easier to control and access the things people love to do in the digital world.”

When the M515 is released somewhere around April, costs will be approximately £50. I can personally see the benefits from a mouse that can track over any surface, let us know if you would be able to make the most of Logitech’s latest?