iPhone 5 No Sneak Peek With Anti-Tamper Screws

Every time a new device slips out into the open, whether its a phone, tablet or hand-held console, the first thing that happens is a savage stripping down to its new born form. Exposing the innards of any new technology seems to grab our attentions, with fascination as to what it has and how it works.

Normally these dissections are pretty straight forward, simply a case of carefully undoing screws and gentle prising casings. But according to ItProPortal, electronics giant Apple is less than impressed with the idea of some techno-wizz pulling apart their pride and joy.

There solution comes in the form of ‘Pentalobular’ fixing screws, or as the iFixit repair company calls them “Evil Proprietary Tamper Proof Five Point Screws.”

As a report by Daily Mail explains the Pentalobe fixing solution is similar to Torx security screws usually used. Style-wise where as the star fixings of Torx head offer easier removal, the Pentalobe has a more rounded flower pattern which offers a shallow dish to the screw head. This is reported to be extremely difficult to undo unless you have the special screwdriver from Apple which no doubt is very expensive. Also because of the design it is said that the special tool can only be used a few times.

Apple have already introduced the Pentalobe to their MacBook Pro, and will be securing any devices returned for repair with the new system. This gives a high possibility that the iPhone 5 will sport the anti-tamper solution when it finally reaches production.

Do you think that it is unfair for manufacturers to try and stop any infiltration of their devices insides? Or do you believe they are well within their rights to protect their technology?

  • shani

    well to be honest i think its fair if some placed an iphone on ebay, amazon etc theres a possiblaity that it could be tampered with so with these special screws i think its brilliant way to indentify it the iphone is real and not a fake as some of them are.
    great work apple keep it up!!!!!!

  • kykhong

    it can also prevent others from forging similar fake iphone like the ones we could find in china

  • Reason

    This won’t result in any more security or assurance or protection from ripoffs. Come on now.