Nintendo 3DS: UK Price Revealed – Whats The Markup?

The release of the Nintendo 3DS has been announced in Europe as March 25th, however when Jonathon Ross presented the event in Amsterdam, there was something that was left out, UK pricing. What they said was that it was yet to be decided by retailers.

So the Nintendo 3DS will be in shops on March 25th and we found that you can actually pre-order it from Of course if you are pre-ordering then you need a price. HMV are retailing the Nintendo 3DS for £229.99 for either the black or the blue model.

Once you click on the device you can view full details of what is included from a hardware perspective, its characteristic features and its technical details, these are all viewable by clicking here.

Now that we know the price, we thought we would try and find out what the markup is on the device, according to Justin Towell of, he has been talking to a representative from one of the major UK supermarkets, he was apparently told that the base price of the 3DS is £173, the price of the device for us customers is a penny shy of £300. This makes a 33% markup.

What do you think of the pricing in the UK? Are you surprised by the 33% markup on the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • JohnDS

    The price of the 3DS should settle around the £190 to £200 after the release and any stock problems are overcome the hut and Zavvi are offering it for less than £229 with a freebee and they are saying guaranteed delivery on the 25th March at all depends on how much you want one.

  • David

    I think £219 will be the normal price for quite some time. The trade price of £173 will need VAT added on so retailers won't be able to sustain a £200 price point unless they are recouping money from selling a lot of games.