iPhone 5: Possible Media Stream & MobileMe Connect Additions

With the increased hype building up for Apple’s iPhone 5, and persistent rumors flying around the internet, it will come as no surprise to hear of yet another possible feature being added to the next generation phone. Here at OSM we are consistently keeping you up to date with the news, and just the other day we graced our pages by bringing you a complete rumor roundup.

Today’s news is relating to “Media and Photo Streaming.” According to infosyncworld.com via 9to5Mac, a folder titled Media Stream has been sourced in the depths of an iOS 4.3 file system, although no further details could be found relating to it. If this did come to light, the chances are it would work on the principle of direct connection to as Mashable reported “Find my Friends,” as part of the MobileMe service, followed by the possibility of video streaming. BGR has recently spoken of Steve Jobs and his company Apple testing new multi-touch gestures on the iPhone 4, so could this yet be another feature included into the iPhone 5?

Photo streaming on the otherhand is a different matter altogether. Apparently as 9to5Mac reported, there is a function already tucked away in the folder, and if accessed, users would not only benefit from having their photos stored but friends if they subscribe to the streaming, would be able to see the images. As Tim here at OSM reported just today on additional features to the iPad, Photo Streaming works as a cloud sharing system which when photos are taken, they will automatically be accessible to those that are allowed. Privacy restrictions will be possible as to who can see your content.

Although only speculation at the current time, if Media Streaming was to go ahead, then it is believed that the new data center in North Carolina, America would act as the main hub. Only last year Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg were in talks about joining together with possible social features implemented onto iPhone handsets?

To find out a little more head on over to 9to5Mac. Tell us if this is something you would like to see on the forthcoming iPhone 5?

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