The Sony PlayStation Phone Will Be Confirmed At MWC 2011

With MWC 2011 just around the corner it would seem logical that the Sony PlayStation phone would be shown there right, perhaps we will even get a release date for the device. So far we have reported on different aspects of the device ranging from its different names to different videos of it playing games such as resident evil 2. Perhaps an April release isn’t so far fetched.

We are already set for a surprise from Samsung, but we are hoping that Sony will top it by announcing the release date and full specifications of the much anticipated device. VG247’s Johnny Cullen writes in his article that there was a previous rumor that the phone would be revealed in December, however that date passed with not even so much as a whisper.

Bloomberg’s Cliff Edwards is reporting that the world’s second largest handheld gaming makers are putting together a good strategy by using its networked entertainment services to share music, movies and games amongst handheld products. Of course we know that Nintendo are the top dogs when it comes to portable gaming as the PSP hasn’t really had the impact that Sony were hoping for, perhaps this could be a game changer for them.

We are all looking forward to MWC 2011 and we are all waiting for the announcement of the PlayStation Phone. We want to know from you, will you be getting it when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.