Notion Ink Adam Release: Shipping starts now

Here at OSM we’ve been watching with interest the growing development of the Notion Ink Adam tablet, the innovative product that has many people talking and which we included in our 5 of the best tablets from CES 2011. Among just some of our recent stories were a preview and video, a comparison with one of the other notable upcoming tablets, the Motorola Xoom, and we also reported on the slight delays in shipping arising from FCC labeling.

Just a few days ago we told how the shipping date was now scheduled for the middle of this week and we’re pleased to say that shipping has in fact started today, Wednesday January 19. Chris Davies over on Android Community reports the good news, sourced from Notion Ink, and says that as well as supplying pre-orders given January delivery dates in their status summary, Notion Ink is also hoping to ship in January those orders scheduled for February, which will be a nice surprise for many.

The Notion Ink blog also says that if you have ordered the Adam your delivery status will be updated soon. Meanwhile over on Engadget, Thomas Ricker also reports on the Adam being shipped from today but notes that as far as they can tell when looking at the FCC database, the shipping version with product number NI3421A01still doesn’t have guarantee code Y2G, although of course this may be about to change.

Are you one of the many eager customers for the Notion Ink Adam and what do you think of the news that the device will soon be in your hands? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

  • Nadina

    What about us that want to have a go before buying? Is it going to be coming into stores so we can demo it, or do we have to buy sight unseen?

    • Charlie

      I'm all for that! I'd like to just be able to go into Best Buy, demo it….get a feel for it, and then plop down my card, and go.

      • Pchello

        i just want to buy one! Where can I buy one at?