New Facebook Mobile App For Feature Phones – Your Thoughts?

Facebook are just full of surprises, whilst it has been busy releasing it’s new social inbox complete with an email address and keeping an eye on the growth of popular games like CityVille, those busy bodies have still managed to find the time to do something for those of you using feature phones.

There was a post written on the Facebook Blog today by Mark Heynen to inform users that there is a ‘better mobile experience for more people’. What he means is that Facebook is expanding past smartphones; they will be added to feature phones too. Heynen goes on to say that the new app for feature phones will work on more than 2,500 devices from many manufacturers including, Sony Ericsson, LG and Nokia.

The Facebook team has done something pretty remarkable, they have managed to get some mobile operators to wave the charge when data is being accessed through the new mobile app, and this is for the first 90 days after it’s launched.

There are a few different carriers that have launched this today, they are as follows, Life (Ukraine), STC (Saudi Arabia), Play (Poland), Vodafone (Romania), Tunisiana (Tunisia), Dialog (Sri Lanka), Viva (Dominican Republic), StarhHub (Singapore) and Three (Hong Kong).

There are some more that will be launching soon and these are Vivacom (Bulgaria), Telcel (Mexico), Mobilicity (Canada), Reliance (India) and TIM (Brazil). Head over to the Facebook Blog to read the full article. You can also read some opinion on this over at

What do you think of this move from Facebook and the carriers? Why not leave us a comment in the box below letting us know your thoughts on this move?

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