MegaReader On The iPhone: Text In Front Of The Camera

The MegaReader is an app that always gives you something to read, not only that, but you can read on the move. You can read something on your screen but in the background see what’s going on using your camera.

The app was developed by Inkstone Software, Inc and they have their own MegaReader website, the app gives you access to millions of books and actually comes pre-loaded with 25 full books to get you started. Not only that but you can personalize the look of the book. The website says that there are 19 color schemes, hundreds of font sizes and 23 font options. You can also use it in portrait or landscape modes.

There’s a demonstration video that runs through the features at the bottom of this article, Engadget have also posted a pretty funny promotional video that demonstrates the ‘Heads-Up’ feature of the text in front of the camera, this is also viewable at the bottom of the article.

For a full list of features and capabilities you can read them all on the app store before you proceed to download it. The price of the app is $1.99.

What do you think of the MegaReader? If you have been using it already then let us know what you think of it in the comments box below.