iPhone 5 3D Rumors To Challenge Nintendo 3DS

If you thought that you had heard enough rumors about possible features being introduced into the latest Apple iPhone 5, then you would be mistaken. Virtually every waking moment is filled with new speculation. Even after our rumor roundup, more possible additions have appeared.

We are all aware of the popularity of 3D entering into our lives, most recently Nintendo’s 3DS console has exaggerated excitement in the glasses-free 3D world. But it would seem that Nintendo are not going to be offered the lion’s share of 3D handheld devices. In a report from popherald.com via ITPortal, over the years, Apple has applied for non other than patents relating to glassless 3D displays.

This has led a Japanese site “Macotakara” to assume that Apple could therefore be planning to incorporate 3D into their iPod Touches to compensate for the forthcoming competition from Nintendo. In light of this speculation, if 3D was introduced as popherald stated, it would benefit the devices’ such as the iPhone 5 with FaceTime, UI display and game app features.

On finishing we just wanted to reliterate one other feature rumored to be coming to the next gen iPhone, and that’s of the NFC chipset, which if implemented could enable your handset to act as a credit card!

Tell us your thoughts on these rumors? What would you like to see? Are you prepared to wait for the iPhone 5 to make an appearance. To find out what we have reported on so far click the link directly at the top on rumor roundup.

  • Stunnah

    Why is apple trying to get in the way? They need to get lost seriously..

    • Some Random Person

      Why are YOU trying to get in the way of Apple's awesomeness? YOU seriously need to get lost. Try creating your own smartphone that earns billions of dollars revenue!!!

  • http://glassesfree3dtv.org glassesfree3dtv

    I doubt very much that 3d will appear on the next iPhone, but the iPhone 6, for sure, as every other smartphone will have it by then.

    BTW, your blog is the only one saying this about the iPhone. All the others are suggesting that it could be the next iPod that will get 3d. The basis of this rumour is allegedly not just the Apple 3d patent, but the fact that the Japanese maker of Apple displays have ordered batches of glasses free 3d screens.

    Whether Apple takes the dive this year or next, if you thought 3d was just a fad, you're about to discover just how wrong you were.

  • dsfsd

    eww iphones are phones an apps not for games. the res will look ugly.

    • Jake

      Are you kidding me! The iPhone has amazing display and already has games better than the ds. Trust mr I have an iPhone, my sister has a nitendo dsi. Plus, the iPhone has a far higher pixel density. Get your facts right.

      • chris

        are you retarded name 1 game better on iphone than, these zelda, mario kart,pro layton the ds has hundreds of high quality games while the iphone has gimmicky games

        • Some Random Person

          DS games are ripoffs, and they don't have anywhere as good graphics as the iPhone!!! >_<

          • raikage

            Is true the ds only have houndred of original games, the infinite suport of the gold sagas of nintendo, the last bastion of jrpg(in the west) and the touch generation for the people that never touch a control, but the iphone has the elite whit games like ifinite blade(more grafics that game), extendet flash games(cut the rop, angry birds, etc), poor vercions of home console games, cheap copy of the cult games(gamelof is whit you) and my faborite ports of games of consoles(including DS).
            PD: excuse my english I have to pratice more.

      • raikage

        In that case your sister has better taste than you lol, but rely the ds have the best game library in the actual generation(well is a matter of opinion).

        PD: excuse my english.

  • Jacob W

    I figure it’ll have a 3D display or new display in general for the iPhone 7. They just put in a Retina Display. They will be focusing on other improvements until then. Which will include 4G and battery.

    I also figure that FaceTime will require a 3D front facing camera. That’ll take time in making it small enough for the iPhone.

  • Ryan

    it wont have ocarina of time 3d.. nintendo wins.

  • yeah

    iPhone should eventually have good 3d games as the games seem to be getting better and more complex over the months. but i'd be happy just to see the home screen an app icons in 3d :)

  • http://steroidsuk.wordpress.com/ sorebuttcheeks

    no doubting nintendo has the best game designers on earth, Angry Birds is the only famous game on the Iphone.