Galaxy S Phones: Android 2.2 update – why so long?

One of the few criticisms about having an Android phone can be the time it takes to get OS updates and some of the grievances we often see in our comments box involve Android users annoyed at the wait. Only yesterday in our article, ‘Apple iOS vs. Google Android: The update factor’, we told how much easier it is for Apple devices to get the updates as they are instantly downloadable, whereas Android phone users seem to be at the mercy of their handset manufacturers and networks.

One of the reason’s rumored to cause these update delays being handed out for U.S. Samsung Galaxy S phones, came from a post at XDA, which alleged that Samsung was charging carriers too much for the upgrade. Another rumored reason came from Allen Kiehl over on Android Spin who spoke of a tipster who told them that an Android 2.2 update was sitting ready to go out to T-Mobile but that Samsung had told them not to release it because it had just announced the Samsung Vibrant 4G+ and didn’t want it to be devalued. We’re not sure that particular rumor has much credibility but you just never know.

Now we hear from Phil Nickinson over on Android Central, sourced from Phonescoop, that Samsung has responded to these rumors asserting, “No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!” Meanwhile over on Daily Tech, Mark Kurlyandchik also reports on the Froyo update delays from Samsung and adds that a Galaxy S replacement is already being teased for MWC with an announcement due on February 13 at Barcelona for something it calls the ‘next evolution.’ Head over to the samsungunpacked website to see the announcement which says there’s a preview teaser coming on February 1.

This of course may not please a lot of people who’ve been waiting for the Android 2.2 as it might not be long before their phones are superseded anyway. Are you a U.S. Galaxy S phone owner? If so tell us how you feel about the continued delays of the OS updates by sending us your comments.

  • Yaywayno

    I've been a T-Mobile customer since 2005, and have stuck with them even through the Great Sidekick crash of '09 and their relative slowness to get terrific phones. Last summer when the Galaxy S finally emerged as part of their lineup I wasted no time in getting one, as I am not an iPhone fan. I was assured of an OS update by the end of 2010. To hear that first my beloved T-Mob, and then Samsung, might be behind this failure to update is very disheartening; supposedly it's now a snap to 'root' your phone and get the update but I don't want to void my warranty. Classic rock vs. hard place scenario; I feel helpless at this point.

  • Anonymous

    I have already rooted my phone and flashed Nero 4.1 with the Voodoo Lag Fix and it’s everything I’ve waited too long for. I figure I could flash back to stock and unroot if I really wanted to send in my phone to repair if need be but I’m very happy with the performance of my vibrant and don’t think it’s a big deal to do what I want when I want with my device. Screw samsung, screw them hard.

  • Blesson

    i updated my galaxy s on last october. The only thing i found useful was its flash support for browser. But the phone has become so unstable that it hangs up 6-10 times daily. And the browser will close once in every 5 min. And the strang thing is that even when the phone is idle it sometimes gets unresponsive (shows blank screen and glowing buttons) and restart.

    I think us guys are lucky that they dint get an update. Its better to be in 2.1 than an unstable 2.2 which doesn't bring so much of perfomance/feature upgrade.

  • davidm

    I'm done with Samsung. I added my third Android to my small firm, and I am back to HTC. And there are two Android tablets in the budget, and I guarantee you they will not be Samsung.

  • Havekk

    I will never own another Samsung product.

  • @DavidMcKnight

    I love the Epic 4G from Sprint, and I didn't buy it with the HOPE I'd get an OS update. I bought it because it was a huge improvement over my WinMo 6.1 Ace.

  • DCRocks

    I have a Samsung Epic, and the delays have been meaningless to me. I have been running 2.2.1 on my Epic for Months now. Besides, if you are not going to root your Android device, and install custom ROMs, you might as well go buy an iPhone. The setups you get by aftermarket ROMs are vastly better than any stock update, so I don't get what all the fuss is about.

  • Bryan

    I bought the samsing epic 4g on august 31st, at the date of purchase I was told that 2.2 update would be OTA within a month, now at the end of jan2011 I still haven’t received 2.2 froyo. I have called samsung repeadly aout this issue and they keep redirecting me to my carrier and sprint tells me call them to see about the update status. Samsung has released a few devices that run 2.2 and some with 2.3, so they know how to update. Also there are several people rooting their phones with leaked 2.2 updates and not having a problem. Its a big mess imo. One thing is for sure, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRUDUCT AGAIN, they have lost a customer for life. As for android… sadly, I’m coming to the conclusion that iphone might be the way to go. They update their phones ontime and without fail, and stand behind their products.

  • Peter Abbott

    Bitter Owner – need 2.2 to activate streaming Dish Network to my Galaxy S Epic. Losing faith in both Sprint and Samsung. Will start looking at other tablets to vent my anger through a purchase such as IPad or alternate Android tablet with 2.2, 2.3, or 3.0. Cannot trust either Sprint or Samsung to deliver and complete lack of candor regarding my very expensive purchases (2 Epics) suggest it was a bad decision on my part to buy them. Wish the TVs were not so much better than the competition so I could abandon them entirely.

  • Eric

    I have been chasing "update" information since the first of the year. What a run-around! When I purchased my Samsung Facinate (Verizon) in the fall of 2010, I had been leaning toward other brands, but was assured (by the Verizon staff) that the Android 2.2 would be available by hte end of the year. I have wanted to use a couple of Apps available, but they specify that the 2.2 is needed. I am stuck, for now, but will not be make the mistake again. Good salesman, but no truth to the Verizon claim to offer the upgrade. I will vote with my wallet, when I change carriers, in the future.

  • Traveler

    If you want to read what owners of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S think, read their comments on Sprint’s forum.

  • Eric

    After posting an earlier comment about the failure of Verizon to update their Samsung facinate, as promised, I returned to this site to see if there had been any "updates" regarding the Android 2.2 OS. Looks like Samsung will be losing many customers, in response to their failure to provide the update as promised. "The update will be provided by the end of the year" (2010) still rings in my ears. What a load of crap!

  • MDHill

    I completely agree with people here. Samsung has lost my business forever. They make good hardware, but the software side of their products (I own both TV and Galaxy S) is beyond terrible, it is dysfunctional.

    I desperately need features of 2.2 and/or 2.3 Android such as WORKING COPY/PASTE for many apps not to mention a GPS that doesn't show me in the River when I'm on a highway beside it.

    The fact that the company lies / stalls and simple refuses to communicate or admin any real problems is absolutely maddening. I suspect they have a real set of problems that are hardware spec related and have no way to fix them so they are just stalling till new phones are out to provide "cover" for this disaster. I will NEVER buy a samsung product again.

  • Peter Abbott

    Following up my 8 week old comment, I just bought a Verizon XOOM 10.1 inch tablet with 3.0 OS. Samsung announced their two new tablets (8+ and 10.1 inch) the day after I bought the XOOM. I could care less. Nobody at Samsung or Sprint has had the courtesy to let me know anything about the 2.2 upgrade to my Epics (2) after emails, visits to the Sprint Store in Annapolis, MD, or other postings. XOOM is fantastic, even if it will be a few upgrades before it gets 4G speed and a memory card.. Goodby to Samsung phones for good when these are so obsolete you can't use them anymore.
    Pete Abbott