Facebook Threats: “Shoot Neil Lennon” Page Closed Down

An anti fan Facebook page directed at the Celtic manager Neil Lennon has been removed from the site on the second time of asking. A page called “let’s get 100,000 people who want to see Neil Lennon get shot” was pulled down this morning after preassure on Facebook officials.

The death threats against Lennon have been quite serious over the week as he receieved gun bullets in the post from a group of haters, which are responsible for the Facebook page. People called for the “disgusting” page to be taken down yesterday; however Facebook bosses said no as it was not a violation of the terms and conditions on their site according to Stuck On. Although some of the threats made against Lennon were serious, it was decided that the comments were nothing more than “jokey” and “pub talk”.

Facebook’s stance on this incident is that their social network is “a place where people can express their views and discuss things openly”. The Belfast Telegraph has pointed out that Facebook users are free to speak about topics and “What one person finds offensive, another can find entertaining.” The Facebook officials seemed reluctant to take the page down and maintained that the amount of complaints that they receieved was irrelevent in their decision to remove the hate page. Maybe they hold a grudge against Lennon aswell?

Whats your view on this incident? Are fans and Facebook users free to speak their mind or is it wrong to make threats and abusive comments about a person over the internet for all to see?

  • phiszkin

    It is indeed taking it a bit too far , however the guy in question, is a vicious and agressive man who has always had a rep for inciting violence he should be removed from the game and sent packing back to his wee small minded island to stir up his troubles there. this goes for all people who are that aggressive in sports, he gets paid more than some people get in a lifetime … im sure he can afford to just keep his mouth shout and act a bit more civil.