AT&T Hackers Arrested and Charged Over iPad 3G Breach

Two hackers from a group called Goatse Security have been arrested and charged. This comes after they breached the security of AT&T’s servers and began to grab personal information such as email addresses of around 120,000 users who have an iPad. Whilst we are on the subject of hackers, did you hear about Lil Wayne’s Twitter account being hacked? It seems as if nobody is safe from it.

According to WSJ, this included a number of U.S. government officials and some corporate chiefs. The two men behind the hacking have been taken in to custody and named to the world as Andrew Auernheimer, 26, and Daniel Spitler, 25. They have both been charged with conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and fraud in connection with personal information.

The way the two of them hacked the servers and then masked their signal by disguising it as an iPad 3G is nothing short of amazing. The AT&T servers believed they were communicating with an iPad 3G. The name of the script they used was the ‘iPad 3G Account Slurper’. The incident actually happened back in June and it has been being investigated since then.

There’s an important note made on an article written by Bertrand Vasquez over at, he says that there’s one importance that needs to be taken into account, as things stand there’s no evidence to suggest that the two men used the information they had gathered in a criminal fashion.

So what do you think? Were they pointing out the security flaws or were they acting as criminals? If they are innocent then perhaps they should have notified the company of what they were doing. Let us know your opinion in the comments below.