Apple To Extend CDMA Agreements: Non-Exclusivity To Carriers

AT&T have for the last couple of years enjoyed the profits of having the iPhone exclusivity, recently this came to an end with the iPhone 4 appearing on the Verizon network in a new CDMA form. We are now reading reports that Apple has struck up a new deal with AT&T.

As we all know, Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple has taken some time off sick, so it was down to care taking CEO Tim Cook to reveal the multi-year non-exclusive deal with AT&T, saying that they have moved away from them. In our eyes that’s a pretty good move on Apple’s part because if the iPhone is on more carriers it means more profit for them and better revenue for the carriers that will have the iPhone.

According to AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger, Tim Cook also said that Apple has seen in every case of moving away from exclusivity to a dual or multi-carrier agreement that the growth and market share has increased significantly.

This does however raise questions around the CDMA iPhone 4, will that be used to expand carrier partnerships within other countries as it certainly offers another opportunity for growth with a better carrier deal.

In our eyes it certainly broadens the horizons for Apple and other hopeful carriers that wish to benefit from the popularity of Apple’s sought-after device. This does mean that Apple can try and impose themselves on the Indian market which is the second largest deployment of CDMA devices with around 100 million subscribers. At the moment, Apple’s reach is only extended to 3G; a CDMA device in this market would be largely beneficial to Apple.

John Davidson over at TopNews also offers some insight on the non-excusive deals that are being struck by Apple, so why not pop over and have a read. This really shows the significance of CDMA don’t you think?

What do you think of the new deals that Apple will be pushing? How much do you think Apple will benefit from them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.