Verizon Offer Reduction To Upgrade To Apple iPhone 4

Of course not everyone follows rumors, speculation and announcements on the Internet, so some people may not have known that the Apple iPhone was going to be making its way onto Verizon. We have been tracking all of the rumors since they started surfacing, why not have a peek through some of them by clicking here.

So now that Verizon has officially unveiled a CDMA iPhone 4 that will run on it’s network, for those that were unaware that the iPhone was coming to Verizon and bought mobile phones during the holiday season, you will get $200 off if you wish to upgrade to Verizon’s new baby and trade in your previous handset.

How much of a saving is that? Well the retail price of the 16GB version of the Verizon iPhone is $649.99 or $749.99 for the 32GB version. Zach Epstein of offers a snide route towards getting more off, he says that if you purchased a high end mobile phone that you can get more than $200 for on the likes of eBay or by selling it privately then do it, then go and upgrade and pay that off, he’s a clever one.

If you are looking for a bit more information then you can head over to Verizon and read through the FAQ’s for the Verizon iPhone 4, this tells you everything that you need to know if you are wanting your new handset.

Update: The offer applies to current Verizon customers who purchased and activated new smartphones, feature phones or certified pre-owned phones between 11/26/2010, and 01/10/2011.

Will you be taking Verizon up on this offer? Let us know in the comments below.