Verizon iPhone: Who comes out of it best?

We’ve been bringing you all the news for as long as we can remember about an Apple iPhone for Verizon and finally the official announcement of it coming in February was made. We’ve since given a comparison between it and two of the new 4G phones coming to Verizon, the Motorola Droid Bionic and the HTC Thunderbolt, and also reported on the possibility of the White iPhone 4 appearing at last.

Most recently we’ve reported on the news that Verizon is to offer a reduction to some customers who want to upgrade to the Verizon iPhone 4. Now our attention has been drawn to an article by Jim Patterson of Mobile Symmetry over on RCR Wireless, as he has taken a look at who the winners and losers are from the Verizon iPhone. The big-time winner is unsurprisingly Apple, and the sales factor is only a part of why they will profit so much from this move. Apple App Store Developers also come out of it on top because of the increasing market.

Verizon Wireless’s new 4G LTE network will also benefit. Although the Verizon iPhone 4 will run on the 3G network, later versions will surely be for the LTE network and the word will spread like wildfire. Bandwidth providers and Distributors are also listed as winners while Recyclers of phones will pick up old models and Insurance Companies who provide phone insurance will also pick up trade.

Losers though will be Research in Motion (RIM). As older versions of the iPhone are dropping so much in price, while more and more Android phones are picking up rave reviews, it’s not looking so good for RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones. Other losers from the article are Feature Phone Handset Providers who look set to sink even lower, and Home Phone Services. The latter will lose out as until the economic recovery takes place something has to give and the popularity of wireless phones may mean it will more than likely be the home phone.

The Verizon iPhone though is not thought to be as damaging to AT&T or Google (Android) as may initially have been thought with the feeling being that it’s affect on those will only be ‘neutral to slightly negative.’ It’s a really in-depth article and also includes statistics on wireless users so if you want to read more check out the RCR Wireless link above.

Meanwhile if you want to look over all the details for the iPhone on Verizon, due for release on February 10, then go to the Verizon website page here which will tell you all about the iPhone 4, FAQ’s and also let you check your upgrade eligibility. Can you think of more winners and losers from the emergence of the Verizon iPhone 4? Why not let us know what you think by sending us your comments.