Verizon 4G LTE phones: Price & release date rumors

Following on from our recent story about the continuing rollout of the Verizon 4G LTE network with the next cities to be added, we thought we’d take a look at some of the 4G phones due to come to Verizon in the next few months and some of the rumored release dates and price expectations.

The 4G phones in question are the HTC Thunderbolt, the Motorola Droid Bionic, the LG Revolution and the Samsung SCH-i510. Kellex over on Droid Life, has been looking at some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up these rumored release dates, so please remember they are only speculated but made up from educated insight on these matters.

The dates that Droid Life have come up with are the end of February/early March for the HTC Thunderbolt, March for the Samsung SCH-i510, March or early April for the LG Revolution and finally, leaving what could be the best till last, early summer/June for the Motorola Droid Bionic. If you want to know all the reasoning behind these dates check out the full article on the Droid Life link above.

Meanwhile another article on Droid Life gives some insight into expected pricing for 4G Verizon phones. It’s anticipated that non-4G phones coming to Verizon will be around the $199 mark on a two-year contract but what about the 4Gs? Kellex points out that the 4G handsets that have so far come to Sprint and T-Mobile have actually been around the same price as the non-4Gs, apart from the Epic 4G at around $250. It’s probable then that the Verizon prices for its 4G smartphones will also be around the same or maybe slightly higher and then of course you still have your 4G data plans to consider.

Would elevated prices for 4G phones put you off making your purchase, or do you think they will be worth every penny and can’t wait to get your hands on one? Or maybe now a Verizon iPhone 4 is finally on the way you’re going to opt for that instead? We’d be interested to know your opinion on this so please feel free to send us your comments

  • Dennis

    I'm not sure I would pay more for the phone. Reason being is in 3 to 6 months that phone may be old news. Something better and faster will come along and you now paid $250 plus for a phone thats out dated. I have the Verizon Lg touch and that was out dated 2 months after I got it. Now I didn't pay a lot for it, but thats ok with me.

    • Nick

      so what your saying is that you will never ever get a new phone/car/computer/TV/microwave because some thing better will come out later?

    • GSP

      same can be said about any phone that comes out

    • emy3

      That's what you get for buying an LG phone. Their phones are outdated before they're even released.

  • brad

    not true the verizon guy said the bionic will b at their stores on March 1st!

    • Dave

      Which "verizon guy"? Thats the phone im interested in.

    • LeeInMKE

      Bionic will NOT be out March 1st. No one ever claimed that. Verizon said every phone showcased at CES will be released in the 'first half of 2011'. Moto also said Q2 2011. Every indication is that they are very much pushing the limits of Verizon's claim of 'first half of 2011'. So look for it to be released mid-late June.

      • VZTGUY

        The Only Verizon Phone thats 4g that will be released before Q2 is the Thunderbolt. I work in the Industry and im not a sales rep and i will tell you that the Bionic is due out in march. As for beginning or end it all depends. BUT if the thunderbolt gets pushed to Q2…. because of contractual obligation between cellphone manufacturers we will not see the bionic untill the end of Q2.

  • Alex

    I will not pay a dime more! Verizon is expensive as it is.. They can take their 4G and have it. I'm a verizon customor right now, but if I have to switch to straight talk (they use verizon tower) I will.

  • JimmyJohn

    i am put off by a more expensive 4G plan compared to a 3G plan. i think i would just get one of the new phones with 3G.

  • Henry

    If I have to pay more for 4G plans, I'll take the Verizon iPhone4 3G. But if Verizons keep the data plan rates at $30/month for 4G, then I'll wait for the 4G phones: HTC, Samsung, Droid!

    • Ryan

      I totally agree with you i would not want to pay more money each month.

      • Indy

        I'm with ya, Ryan. The price of the plan will determine which "G" I go for.

  • Doug

    Verizon is expensive as it is. No one wants to be paying so much money monthly for a 4G phone that a couple months down the line will be outdated. I say Verizon drop the price a little!

  • Ty22

    I totally agree that verizon should drop their prices!! way expensive. but they can get away with it cause they have better service than most any other company. and they stay with the competition on their devices so it seems like there's not much you can really do about it

  • Salvatore

    I have the first droid and other then the fact that the droid X has a better camera and slightly faster processor (.49 Seconds). There really is no major reason to waste an upgrade. Im just gonna wait for the "next thing"…..

  • dboner

    They can’t charge more for the 4g phones. How could Verizon charge more for 4g service when 4g service won’t even be available in most of the country?

    • Loverman8675309

      It is the same thing with Sprint and the EVO. Sprint charges $10 for "premium data" when their 4G is only available in 38 US markets. It really makes no sense, but like everyone else has said cellphones are hella expensive.

  • Tommy484

    Sprints 4g is available in a lot more than 38 markets and verizons is available in quite afew also, 4g is crazy fast and worth the extra 10 bucks, it is seriously at least as fast as dsl, as for iPhone 4, maybe popular but not as good as android, and before the apple freaks go crazy, I have a MacBook pro and an iPad, so I love apple also, but as for a mobile device, my Evo is more efficient

    • dean

      Lol tommy 484 you are stupid and have it all wrong, the only thing apple computers/laptops are good for is to avoid viruses and enjoy some features that no one even pays attention too.EVERY SINGLE and droid phone even with a duel core proccesor is laggy, its quite embarassing actually, my old envy touch doesn’t lag as much as my new droid x does. I can gladly say that I have never seen an iphone lag and they crash like once every six months, and how long does that take to fix? About 30 seconds all u have to do is turn it back on lmfao apples phone software is far more advanced than android which explains why for one app android sells.. apple sells 7

      • vzcd

        oh dean, stick to angrybirds… apples been out for maybe 20+ years while googles been out for around 10? didnt take motorola or htc very long to match a mobile device from apple. and as for an envy touch not lagging is probably because you werent using the internet and technically its not considered an operating system. majority of mac users have no idea what they are doing while more windows users actually know how to manage their machine. also for your last statement: more FREE apps on android marketplace compared to the 7 apple has to sell. all in all every smartphone can multitask just some do it better then others. it depends on the user and what they are using.

    • Rob

      I get at least 2 megs download speed from 3G as it stands right now. Not sure what kind of DSL you're referring to since I would hope 4G would blow DSL away.

  • Manhands

    The only way 4G would be worth it is if they were offering an unlimited data plan with tethering. I would pay $60 a month for that service alone and drop my home internet service. But that won't happen. This pay per GB crap is, understandably, just a way to frontload the infrastructure costs associated with 4G. I'll be waiting until that's paid for and competition forces them back to unlimited plans even for 4G.

  • Procdaddy

    just got a Iphone 4. I gave up my Original Droid. BAD MISTAKE!!! I miss my droid like crazy!!! There was more freedom with that OS than with Apple. The biggest issue is customizing the phone. I have to be tethered to Itunes on a real computer to do anything. Cant delete photos unless taken by camera, cant have ringtones unless made or bought on itunes. Cant use widescreen txt every time i got to type, the NOs keep going and going. Im gonna keep the iphone 4 untill my 2 weeks are up and return the thing and use a old phone untill the BIONIC comes out, hopefully in march or April. Hope this was helpful. On a side note I love the retina display on the Iphone. its the best screen i have seen so far. Face time is cool but even on verizon you have to be near wifi and that was a BIG disappointment for me.

  • 4GFan

    I'm waiting for the Bionic. Dual core, 48 gigs of memory space, Skype video chat and Mobile Hotspot. I was an IPhone user for a long time and hated having to use Itunes and do without flash. Dont understand why anyone would throw away money on a 3G device right now with 4G devices launching in a few days.


    Is it still true the Bionic will be out in March?

    • jojo