Twitter Trends: The Week’s Top 10

We have a mixed bag this week in the Twitterverse, with plenty of new and old trends charting. There is a bit of everything in the compiled list of popular topics, which we are bringing you thanks to Mashable.

The top trend of the week is Gabrielle Giffords becuse of the Arizona shootings. The US congress woman was shot by crazed gunman Jared Lee Loughner who killed 6 people and injured 13; Giffords was hit in the head but survived in a crtical condition. The shooting took place in Tucson, Arizona, last week and tweeters have been showing their support for Gabrielle. Just below in 2nd place is our favourite regular trend which is football/soccer; all of the talk was about Brazilian star Ronaldinho’s move back to his home counrty. BBC Sport has reported that the World Cup winner has moved to Flamengo, after being heavily linked with a move to Blackburn Rovers.

In at 3 is Alay Style which is writing words with numbers included, 1t l00k5 lik3 th15 (it looks like this). Next up is Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which was broadcasted on ITV recently; tweeters took to the microblogging site to talk about the movie and more specifically, Jar Jar Binks. Trend number 5 is the NCAA, with the BCS championship football series coming to an end this week. Tweeters supporting the Oregon Ducks posted the battle cry “Quack Quack Quack”. Supporters of the Auburn Tigers tweeted “Geaux Tigers” and this must have rallied the team as they defeated the Ducks and also Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl.

Korean boy band Super Junior are back in the chart at 6, as band member Kim Heechul recently had a star named after him which has earned him the nickname “Space Big Star Kim Heechul”. The Australia flooding is at number 7, with an Australian teen named Jordan Rice being hailed a hero after he sacrifised himself to save his younger brother. The severe flooding caused the teen and his mother to tragically be swept away, where they both drowned. Christmas has managed to hold its place in the chart at number 8 this week, because in Russia many Eastern Orthodox Christian churches celebrate the holiday on January 6th.

Raven Symone is in at 9 after she appeared at the 2011 people’s choice awards on January 5th. Tweeters commented on the weight she had lost and her slimmed down figure, the talk has continued. And last but not least this week is the TV show Jersey Shore at number 10. MTV premiered the 3rd season of the reality series and it got very high ratings; tweets included “Shower Caddy” Grenade Whistle” and “Ronnie and Sammie”. That is all for this week’s chart, if you missed out on last week’s then you can find it by following the link. Leave us your thoughts on the trends and look out for next week’s chart of trending topics on Twitter.

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