Sony’s 3D Laptop: New F Series VAIO

With the curtain closing on this year’s CES 2011 event, it gives us time to reflect on some of the hottest pieces of tech to look out for. Sony’s new F series 3D VAIO looks like the business and is a gadget that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

A huge amount of the largest electronics companies have brought 3D technology to the table and implemented it in to their devices, with laptops being an addition to TVs, digital cameras, camcorders amongst others. The new F series line of laptops (un)fortunately requires 3D glasses. Many companies like Toshiba and Sony have their glasses free products in production, but they are not ready yet.

The VPCF21Z1E/BI model to be exact, comes packed with plenty of other juicy features as well as the full HD 3D playback. Also included is a 2nd Generation Intel i7 Quad Core processor for ultimate performance and an NVIDIA DX11 graphics card. PC Pro has provided an excellent review on Sony’s laptop and have informed us that the lid is 1cm thick, with the thickest point of the product being 45mm; the VAIO weighs 3.1kg so it is quite a bulky computer that is more suited for home than on the go. One of the best features is that you can change from 2D mode to 3D mode with the push of one button.

The new laptop is not available for a few months, with March being the time that a release is predicted. Unfortunately we dont have any pricing details either; however I can imagine we are looking at the £1500 marker. We have embedded a quick video of the F series laptop for you below. For a full list of specifications, pay a visit to Sony’s website. Also leave us your thoughts on the new VAIO and if you plan to pick one up when it launches.