Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S: Available Now In UK

Back in November 2010, Debbie here at OSM, reported on a handset the Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S. Similar in design to the Samsung Captivate, she spoke of specifications, possible pricing and release dates. Although it was reported that the handset would show itself at the end of last year, reports today have confirmed that the new Android 2.2 (Froyo) Armani device is available in the UK but numbers are limited.

The guys over at Pocketlint have given the phone a hands on approach and we are keen to share with you their overall findings. To reliterate our first point, numbers are limited, in fact just 800 of these will be available on the UK market in Phones4u retailers. Although compared to the Captivate, the device will have a lot more to offer in terms of appearance and in packaging.

On picking up your new handset you will be greeted with a tidy padded branded box, with a small gold pop-stud clip with the letters GA incorporated into it. Nothing like having a designer brand name to set you apart from everyone else. Once the initial shock has passed that yes you have managed to get your hands on one of these, you will see your handset in all its glory.

You will notice the Giorgio Armani name on the top and centre above the screen, in color you will notice its black like its original version, and on the back an embossed waffle like design. In terms of build quality Pocketlint have stated that is now metal and not plastic, and on the backplate at the bottom, the unlocking mechanism includes that of a sliding design that locks into the backplate, giving users a sense of overall strength.

Available at 100 Phones4u retailers, the handset will set you back £49.95 and as reported, a monthly contract cost of £45.96.

Let us know are you a person for designer brand names? If so will Samsung’s offering sway you?