Offensive ‘Foreign Language’ Removed From Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the biggest social network in the world; it has more than 500 million active users with around half of them performing activities on the popular site. According to Facebook’s statistics the average user has around 130 friends and apparently people spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, which is amazing.

An interesting one that have also seen, is the Global Reach section there are more than 70 translations available on the site as 70% of the users of Facebook are outside the U.S. Importantly the last point mentioned in the Global Research section is there are over 300,000 ‘users’ helped translate the site through the translations application, perhaps that is where the offensive ‘Nigga Slang’ came from?

Whilst you can change your language to ‘Pirate’ to give a bit of oooo arrrrrrr to your profile, the Nigga Slang is a bit different, it’s not the nicest of terms is it. Twitter had a few complaints come through their feeds. You can take this in two ways, the first being that this is just a bit of fun or the second that it’s actually pretty offensive, it’s practically a racial slur.

We at OSM weren’t overly impressed and neither were the readers of Alexia Tsotsis’ article over at Tsotsis goes on to say that this was more than likely not an intention of Facebook and that it’s probably user generated but perhaps there should be some kind of filter to put a ban on Offensive words.

There are loads that are already in the Facebook system and some of them are a bit of fun, the ones we know of are as we mentioned above, Pirate as well as JediKnight, there are various ‘slang’ languages and lots of swearing ones. Nigga Slang has now been removed from Facebook.

What should Facebook do here, should they implement some kind of system to check these before they go through? Let us know in the comments below.