Nintendo 3DS: Locked To Regions – Confirmed

We are looking at the Nintendo 3DS again, and apologies but it’s more bad news. We have brought you lots of news for the 3DS and unfortunately the majority of it has been negative, this doesn’t mean that we don’t like the device; it’s just a little disheartening. We have already informed you of the health warning sticker that will be placed on the device and its poor battery life, now we are reporting that it will indeed be locked to regions.

Why are they doing that you might ask? Well, the new device is being launched in Japan first and let’s face it, there wouldn’t be too much difficulty in getting one shipped over would there? Of course there’s a lot more to it other than the fact it’s being released there first, as Slashgear’s Even Selleck says that according to Nintendo, the reasons range from varying language differences in each region and regional age restrictions for specific games to local laws.

The devices event launch will be on the February 26th and if you read through VG247’s article, you can actually watch the event live from Amsterdam.

We really hope that games won’t only be released in one region so that the others cannot play them, we have seen a few instances of this in the past and wouldn’t want the same thing to occur again, and we are supposed to be moving forward!

There will be 3 regional versions that they will be locked to, they are Japanese, American and European/Australian.

Are you disappointed that the Nintendo 3DS will be locked to regions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Peter Limerick

    I'm just glad I can still play UK games on an Australian 3DS, because otherwise how would i get my PilotWings?