Digital Piano iPad Dock: Ion Audio Concert Piano

Here at OSM we’re used to seeing all kinds of wonderful and sometimes crazy ideas and we’re not quite sure what to make of this latest snippet. It’s interesting but we’d really like to know your views on whether you think it’s a good idea or not.

This is about a full-sized piano iPad dock and if that sounds odd we couldn’t quite believe it either, but it does in fact exist. We heard about it from Brian Barrett over on Gizmodo sourced from IonAudio and have the pictures to prove it. Called the Ion Audio Concert Piano this 88-key piano features a dock for an iPad and also includes an iPad app so you can learn to play.

It even comes with a wood-grain effect finish…hmm…not sure what we think about that either. It’s listed as coming soon and there’s no price available yet. The Concert Piano has built-in speakers, semi-weighted keys and a space-saving design, oh and don’t forget that cradle to lovingly embrace your iPad. Ion also helpfully tells us that even if you don’t own an iPad you can still use this piano as ‘piano sounds are included.’

If you want to check out some more iPad ‘accessories’ then head to another article on Gizmodo, also by Brian Barrett, where you’ll find such pleasures as an Official Etch-A-Sketch iPad case for $40 and much more for your iPad. So what do you think of the piano iPad dock and what would you be prepared to pay for it? We’d be interested to know so please do send in those comments.

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    My friend loves to play piano. She had bought her digital piano just a month ago. I have seen it and I was really amaze with its new features. As she go on playing, it is really nice to listen the sweet melody coming from the piano.