CNN Premiere Piers Morgan Tonight: Social Media Helped or Hindered?

When TV personality “Piers Morgan” is mentioned, for some of us we tend to relate him to being the judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent or the British equivalent. But for many of us we may associate him with the News of the World or Daily Mirror newspapers, which at times with controversial stories and photos i.e. of fake Iraqui prisoner abuse have led him into hot water and subsequently being fired as editor.

But that has now changed with Morgan taking on his latest job role. Im talking about his position from Larry King on CNN Monday evening at 9 pm, with the new show name of “Piers Morgan Tonight.” Unfortunately the once popular talk show has seen viewing numbers slowly decline in recent times, and in a bid to increase the ratings, it was decided to bring in fresh new blood, in the form of Morgan.

The show opened with first guest being “Oprah Winfrey.” Over at, it was reported that American TV critics had mixed views. Some said that Morgan was “effusive, playful, fascinated,” whilst others have said that “he is the most interesting person on that channel, but that it is another blah blah blah talkshow.”

To entice people to the programme and for Morgan to have any chance of pulling in a figure of at least 650,000 viewers, social media has played a huge part. Mashable has reported Morgan as saying, “If I don’t, I’m a half-wit. There is no middle ground.”

Along with various methods of heavy media campaigning and a big CNN launch party, it is hoped that the show will take off. It has been reported that Morgan has taken to Twitter to get the word out, and will be live-tweeting and answering viewers questions. As well as this, fans will be able to access CNN’s very own Facebook page and with the collaboration of GetGlue’s app, those who check in will be able to win a limited-edition sticker.

Did you tune in? If so what did you think? What social media campaigning have you seen in relation to the new show?