ASOS: Facebook Online Store Official Launch End Of Jan

Facebook is the largest social network in the world; it has more than 500 million users, with more than half of them performing various activities daily. This makes it an ideal location for brands and companies to advertise but ASOS are going one step further.

Whilst we have seen the successful integration of the BBC iPlayer with Facebook, no we will see an official Facebook app for ASOS. This will be the first instance of a user being able to actually purchase something without leaving Facebook.

Previously Facebook has been used pretty much as a shop window with ads, but ASOS will be one of the first to make the jump to actually having a dedicated app. This comes as a bit of a shock when you consider the fashion industries previous opposition towards social networking and social media.

There are a few different sources reporting this news, one of them has been written by Charlotte McEleny of, she mentions within her article that James Hart who is the ecommerce director for ASOS has said that currently there are no real targets for the Facebook shop. He also says that there may be fewer clicks but the barriers to purchase should mean a greater conversion rate.

If you head over to then you will find their article that informs you of how ASOS’s move into Facebook is powered by a mobile technology firm Usablenet’s platform. The same platform is used by a number of other companies such as Delta and FedEx. Alternatively, if you aren’t a Facebook user or are worried about any risks with shopping on ASOS through Facebook, then you can go directly to their online store.

What do you think of ASOS making a Facebook app? Are you even slightly alarmed that you will not need to leave Facebook even though it has had various security scares? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.