Android Disney Phone: Release only in Japan

If you love Disney and you love Android then we have the very product for you… a Disney Android phone, but it’s only available in Japan. If by any chance you already know of the Sharp Galapagos 003SH it will be very familiar to you as it’s a rebadging.

One of the most surprising elements of this Disney phone as pointed out by Electronista, sourced from Akihabara, is the fact that it’s an Android Phone. Why should that be surprising? Well, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, sits on the board of directors at Disney. Then again the iPhone is such a big seller in Japan we don’t suppose Apple will be too worried.

The Android Disney phone has a 1GHz processor and a 9.6-megapixel camera and runs a customized version of Android 2.2 supporting Flash 10.1. It has a 3.8-inch display incorporating glasses-free 3D and there will of course be special Disney additions such as a Disney e-mail address and special content and rounding off, it should be released in Japan in February.

Kevin Schram over on TFTS also reports on this Disney Android phone and tells a little more about how ‘Disney Mobile’ operates in Japan and how Steve Jobs came to be the largest shareholder in Disney. It’s not yet known yet if this Disney Android will be sold at some point in the future outside of Japan but if it was would you be interested? Why not send us your comments.