Best Buy SKU Apple iPad 2 Slots Vanish

Following on from the new cases that were appearing across the web showing what looks like a rear facing camera hole, we then reported on some SKU slots that were found on the Best Buy website that were under the Apple iPad as shown below.

The slots had prices and said and a message next to them saying ‘Coming Soon’, these slots have since disappeared but why were they there in the first place. What does Best Buy know that we don’t?

Whilst we and many others alike were all speculating that these would be for the much anticipated Apple iPad 2, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was a mistake on Best Buy’s part, or perhaps it was a stunt to get people to visit that particular page and look at the iPads that are already present. You have to wonder what Best Buy’s game is here.

We have previously reported that Apple is prepping the iPad 2 for a date in April but of course, this hasn’t yet been confirmed by Apple. Now that the entries have been removed it has got the online world even more curious about the immanent release. Over at Jeff Gamet has detailed that they were listed as “APPLE IPAD SKU WIFI” along with the prices that were on the slots, so make sure you have a read. Another source that are reporting the information is, their writer Siyahi talks a little about other rumors that we are hearing for the iPad 2, Siyahi also raises a few smiles with a comical note that says “Maybe that was something of a dummy posted by some fun-loving prankster staffer”. What do you think?

Was this a mistake on Best Buy’s part? When do you think the iPad 2 will be released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.