Wikipedia: 10 Years Online – How Much Do You Use It?

Wikipedia is one of the best ways of finding out information about anyone or anything that you wish to know about. So what did we all do before Wikipedia surfaced? Of course, that’s right, we used to use encyclopedias!

So how did Wikipedia come about? For those of you who don’t know the background, it was created in 2001 by two people, Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales. Where did the name come from? Well, as Tod Wasserman of Mashable says, the word ‘wiki’ comes from ‘wikwiki’ the Polynesian word for ‘quick’.

You can also watch a video at the bottom of the article where Jimmy Wales is answering questions from William Lee Adams, the questions are coming from the general public.

More and more contributors began to write entries which then started to appear in Google searches meaning the site started to build up its growth and awareness. As the site was growing in terms of articles held it was also growing daily for the number of hits. Why not head over to the BBC News and read through some of the comments that users have left?

You have to wonder, what’s next for Wikipedia? Will it manage another 10 years online? What do you think? How much do you rely on Wikipedia? Let us know in the comments below?

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