Verizon iPhone 4 vs Droid Bionic vs Thunderbolt

Since the announcement of the Verizon iPhone 4, which everybody had been waiting for, there has been a certain amount of speculation about whether it would actually be wise to buy the Verizon iPhone 4 now when Apple is due to bring out the iPhone 5, probably around June.

We’ve already asked if people would be willing to wait for the iPhone 5 or whether people should just opt for the Verizon iPhone 4 as soon as it becomes available. We’ve also looked at what the differences are between the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 for from AT&T. Then just yesterday we posted an article about a Consumer Reports blog post with a lot of criticisms about the Verizon iPhone 4.

We then wondered how the Verizon iPhone 4, which will run on the 3G network, will compete against some of the other new upcoming 4G smartphones such as the Motorola Droid Bionic and the HTC Thunderbolt and Charlie White over on Mashable has answered our question rather neatly with a very clear infographic that makes a comparison between the Verizon iPhone 4, the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Droid Bionic.

The infographic comes from Skatter Tech and is very detailed and easy to make sense of. It shows every detail you can possibly think such as sizes, carriers, specs, operating systems, features, screen resolutions, storage and much, much more so if you’re having trouble wondering which phone to opt for check out the full infographic at the link above.

We’ve also posted a previous article about the Verizon iPhone 4 vs. the Motorola Atrix 4G, another 4G phone this time coming to AT&T which you may be interested in. Meanwhile Ed Hardy over on Brighthand reports that it seems that the Verizon iPhone 4 will be free of the death-grip antenna problem that plagued the original iPhone 4, at least on demo units seen so far.

One more thing, if you’re still wondering whether to wait for the Apple iPhone 5, OSM’s Maddy Rowe has posted a really useful article rounding up all the news and speculation about it which you can read here. So, are you still opting for a Verizon iPhone 4, or maybe tempted by the Motorola Droid Bionic or the HTC Thunderbolt? Maybe you’ve decided to wait for the iPhone 5 instead? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

  • VZWdroid

    The thunderbolt looks nice and i'll probably go wit that. There are many more features on android phones

    • dude


  • Sher0000

    The new 4G phones comming out look just as good as the iphone. Im not going to get the verizon iphone 4. However, I am considering the iphone 5. I would stay with the android phones because theres more apps, but I have the Incredible and it constantly freezes up and forces me to close. I was told the iphone doesnt do that, so if there is an iphone 5 in June i will probably get it just to see the difference. A deciding factor will also b the cost of the packages. If there is a significant increase then I won’t.

    • NK

      Hey there… you mentioned the android phones have more apps, but actually that’s not true. The iPhone has more apps (300,000 vs 100,000 for the android phones) according to the comparison that was made between the iphone vs droid bionic vs thunderbolt.

      • Hector Estrella

        yes but how many of those 300,000 do you have to pay for??

      • @paynomind

        It doesn't matter at all what the total number of apps is (FWIW – I've read its closer to 300k vs 200k) but rather what you use and what it cost you. My iPhone friends and I, with my Incredible, do all the same things, but they have over $100 in apps, while I've never paid one dime.

        I think thats an easy victory for Android.

        Plus real multitasking, plus widgets, plus not being forced to use iTunes….

        • Tacotown

          you being cheap doesn't make the phone better.

  • Ben

    I'm going back and forwarth between getting the iphone 4 and a new 4g phone. I currently have a Droid X and it is a good phone and all but it is always closing out and restarting itself. I have been upgrading my phone constantly it seems just to try out the newest and best phones and so far I have found the X be the best out there for now on the verizon lineup. I had the fascinate for a time but the fact that it was binged really turned me off to it. I have done quite a bit of research into the phones I am considering, the iphone 4 and the thunderbolt.

  • ben

    The iphone I want to get just to find out for myself what is so great about apple's iphone and its features. I am constrantly using my ipod to listen to music on the go and i love the way it organzes music for me. The iphone does the same thing so I think it would help me consolidate some of dadgets. The android phones do play music too but they dont have near the media friendlyness of the ipod and such. The android phones are what I'm use to and I really like the senseUI interface with the HTC droid phones so that is why I'm considering the thunderbolt. I will probably end up getting the iphone and later getting the thunderbolt to use as well. It is easy to change between verizon phones as long as you know what you're doing and know how to import your contacts instead of adding them all back in individually like a lot of people do.

    SO I am up in the air in the decision for now…..feel free to offer advice

  • chukpark

    I'm going to get the Verizon iphone 4 if they don't switch the data plan from unlimited before I can get one. I have a feeling that Verizon will change to tiered data in conjunction with an iphone 5 release like AT&T did last summer when the iphone 4 was released. On AT&T, existing customers were grandfathered into continuing their unlimited plans even when renewing their contract or upgrading phones. I hope to be grandfathered in to an unlimited Verizon plan before the unlimited plans go the way of the dinosaur. For me, LTE is not really going to matter any time soon. Where I live, we won't have Verizon LTE service until sometime in 2013, probably after the release of iphone 7. I'll have plenty of time to live down my two-year iphone 4 contract. And compared to my ancient EDGE Blackberry device on T-Mobile that I'll be moving on from, the iphone 4 will be a dream.

    • Jay

      I'm thinking the same way as you . Get the Verizon IPhone now and wait 2 years until the LTE service is nation wide but hopefully you will be locked into an unlimited data plan

  • C'mon Man

    I like both the iphone 4 and the Bionic…but will the iphone 5 have HDMI output… probably not. Wishful thinking I guess.

    • Rob

      I wonder who really uses HDMI out on a phone? But what I do like is the ATRIX's dock which has HDMI out and a couple of USB ports which can be used to control a cursor on the phone, on the TV… Very nice.. You can control the media player on tv.. So if that's what you use the phone for its a great solution.

      • Adam

        I would use HDMI out because I bought NBA league pass on the android market which is far more cheaper than buying it throught my cable provider or directv. I've been waiting for this feature to come out on Verizon for ages. I've been tempted to go to Sprint for a long long time to get the Evo 4g. Tired of all cell phone companies jerking us around with relase dates and updates and such. I firmly believe that all cell phone companies are in kahoots and are screwing us every chance they get haha.

  • tom

    The iphone isn't nearly as fast or good as the HTC thunderbolt. The camera isn't to great either.

  • Proboarder2712

    im an att user and was forced to stick with their horrible backflip. i need to say that before the announcement of dual core phones. it looks like not the evo but EPIC was the best phone. the epic honestly was just like the evo minus the real keypad but what set it apart from all the other phones whas the use of the galaxy s screen. so if your looking for resolution as well then a smarter idea might be to wait for the galaxy s2. personally I'm going to the atrix which i know wont have as good of a screen but it looks like this phone will be competing for quite a while… until they come out with quad core phones in the next year or 18 months(google it) and please.. the iphone has never compared to any phone in the past year and a half. they had the nice fluidity that no one ever saw and the fact of how user friendly until android came out.

  • TMT

    What assurances does anyone have that the iphone 5 will be made available to Verizon? It could be an AT&T only thing. Also, what is the likelyhood that the "official release" will be in the June 2011 timeframe?