Verizon / AT&T iPhone 5: Rumor Roundup

As we revel in the wake of Verizon‘s iPhone 4 announcement, questions were asked as to why and how, the big red would deal with Apple’s almost definite introduction of iPhone 5 in the coming months. With the next generation Apple handset on its way, would new iPhone customers take the opportunity to benefit from the re-mastered iPhone 4 or wait to see what the AT&T version 5 had to offer?

Obviously there has been a multitude of rumors surrounding the next gen device so we thought here at OSM, we would round up some of the speculation that we have heard.

Back at the start of December 2010, we reported on the possible introduction of a Pico Projector along with Live Digital TV features. These 2 additions would certainly add an extra something that other smartphone manufacturers have missed. Added to this, Apple had secured back in the same month, the patent for satellite radio which if featured on the iPhone 5, would not only allow AM and FM frequencies but give a wider range of accessibility.

As current iPhone 4 users would agree, the “deathgrip” signal problem caused a massive uproar within Apple’s marketing campaign. Rumors for the 5 have suggested an antenna re-location patent, to place its antenna underneath the Apple logo at the back of the device.

Other rumors had more solid backgrounds like the Upgrade in Processor to a Kinsus A8 application processor, and also the talks of a possible Solar-Power backing which would greatly increase battery longevity. Whilst on the subject of battery life, we reported on a patent secured for Liquid Metal Fuel Cell development which although would never be introduced in time for the iPhone 5, could be a massively fundamental change to all Apple devices.

We are all intrigued to see how the 5 will change style wise, and recently Debbie touched on the fact that some Apple employees had been testing devices without Apple’s iconic “home button.” She reported that finger pinching and swiping gestures would access the home screen. This would be a big design swerve for Apple who have been known for the single button fascia. If we had to comment on possible styling changes, the rumor that the device will become thinner would be where we put our money.

Of all the speculation surrounding the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5, which features could you see making their way onto this much talked about smartphone?

  • Joahn Milla

    I would love to get rid of my old 3G already. Facetime will only be successful using the networks not with only Wi-Fi. It has to be a 4G device. Must have a better battery but also thinner.
    I would like 64GB at a 8GB price. I love the iPhones anyways better than any other phone I've ever had, but I refuse to buy the iPhone 4 because of all the bad reputation.

    • delboy84

      64GB at 8GB price? Wouldn't everyone? lol… I'll have a terabite one for the 8GB price ta 😉

      • fence-sitter

        Exactly. Who doesn't like free candy? But…

        I'm inclined to limp along on my 3G for another few months if the iPhone 5 is around the corner. Or else ditch and go for an Android :(

        • John

          android phones are good!

          • Behemoth

            lol the droids are all trying to be the iPhone. Apple sets the standard.

          • gus

            yeah. iphone DID set the standard, but has been passed up by verious android devices… i wouldn’t expect an apple lover to accept that, though. most of you are all about the STATUS that having an iphone brings and not enough about the nuts and bolts.

          • koideath

            Hahahaha. You obviously don't get it.

    • Nick Landis

      Thinner?? How? And Why? Yeah 64 gb at 8 gb price, this thing Is a smartphone, to get it thinner would make it less powerful and to make the battery better, they’d have to make it thicker. Yes the perfect phone would be nice But it’s not going to happen, at least apple can get close.

    • John

      64gb at 8gb price? Are you crazy?!

    • Kuna

      They would never sell a 64GB phone at a 8GB price, we could wish though, but it won't happen. Actually that will happen in the future once 64GB won't be enough storage and they'll have something crazy like 250GB phones lol. In the mean time tho, you won't see such a significant price drop when it comes to memory.

  • 4apple

    iphone 4s bad rep is not true at all. ive had one since it came out. and have had absolutely no problems at all. except for its easy to break, so dont drop it.

  • Josh

    I’ve wanted am/fm capability on iPods/iPhones since my first iPod in 2005. I’m excited for iPhone 5. That’s when I’ll switch to verizon. I spent 6 years in the Army Reserve and I can’t tell you how many times verizon users had data service when I had nothing at all. Even in Iraq data was free for verizon users.

  • 1976Hoosiers

    I would love to see a thinner design, a tv tuner, and iPhone hotspot

  • Knightairman

    I have to agree 4G is a must. Apple is blowing smoke when they say LTE chipsets aren't ready yet. The real issue is there aren't enough LTE connectoin out yet. ATT, Verizon and Tmo all going LTE in the next 5 yrs.

  • Talmon Murphy

    4 is thin enough just add more battery size-capacity. Also would love for FaceTime to work over cell network.

  • Sydney

    I dont know what i would do without the home button/:

    • john

      i know right!!!!!!!

      • Tyra

        I agree. Leave the home button

  • Laurence Burris

    I went into a Verizon store and decided to order a iPhone 4 online as soon as they go on sale. I need a new phone anyway, and have all apple products- iPad and iMac. The wife will get the iPhone 5 first day they go on sale because that is how we roll.

    • kevin

      thanks for the update, very useful tidbits of info you supplied.

  • Johnny Eds

    Is Verizon/Apple coming out with the iPhone 5 for sure?

    • john


  • Tech boy

    I love the innovation of the motorola Atrix coming soon and would like to see the iphone 5 have the ability to go toe to toe with it. I'm with verizon and the Atrix is going to AT&T.

  • Alex

    Verizon is launching with the iPhone 4, so likely they will not have the iPhone 5 until next year unless Apple ends up putting them on the same release cycle as AT&T

    • emily

      the good thing is that the contract is not exclusive so even if verizon gets the iphone 5 when it comes out it is highly likely that so will other companies most likely Sprint

  • vic

    a basic feature like being able to send and read sms messages sent to and from the phone to be available on a pc the phone is connected to would be good ! I can do it with an old sony phone why not this expensive bit of kit ?

  • Red

    I'm really not sure after checking out the Thunderbolt and the Bionic Verizon phones of which one is better… they seem pretty close…what's your oppinion?

  • Mary

    Will the I Phone5 (for Verizon) be like the AT&T version in that you can be on the phone and internet at the same time? Is there an android with that capability?

  • 23727

    yes thunderbolt is capable of doing that over 3g