Apple iPad Gets a New Paintbrush Stylus: Would You Use It?

As any budding or established artist will tell you, having the right tools to do your work is essential. Is the Apple iPad becoming one of those tools? Like with everything else in the world, it seems art is taking a much more digital approach.

Now you can get all sorts of painting apps where you can use your finger to create your image. It’s pretty impressive that you can use something like the iPad to create paintings but now it has been aided by the new paintbrush stylus. This makes things much easier for you to paint on the iPad partly because of the length of the brush, if you are using your finger, you cannot see very much of the picture you are making however if you use a stylus, you can see more and be more accurate. Just see the video at the bottom of the article that was posted by Mashable’s Lauren Indvik.

Do you think that digital technology enhances your art work or do you prefer to get down and dirty, getting your hands messy and getting involved? Lauren Indvik says in her article that the stylus brush she is reviewing was made by Nomad and according to the video on their website; it will be available in February.

We have also found an array of amazing videos of people painting on the iPad, why not head over and have a look at them? The video that is second from bottom is particularly good. The only thing to remember with this is the stylus has been made by hand and we suspect that this is going to be a fairly pricey stylus.

What do you think of the Nomad Brush? Let us know if you would use this to create your pieces of art in the comments below.