New iPhone 5: Slimmer with increased battery power

We’ve been posting many articles about the release at last of the Verizon iPhone 4 and earlier today took a look at the Consumer Reports criticisms and asked if this was fair or not. However our attentions are already being drawn towards the Apple iPhone 5, thought to be due for release in June.

We’ve already looked at some new features that may be coming and then had more news that it could have a solar-powered back and an upgraded processor. Now more news tells us that it could, (along with the iPad 2), be an even slimmer device. Desire Athow over on ITProPortal tells of an Apple patent that has been granted.

The patent says that due to smaller conductive nodes which could be placed under the screen, it would be possible to make the next-generation iPhone even slimmer. Apparently this would also give the next iPhone and iPad an improved battery life as it saves power. If you want to check out more of the technical details head to an Apple Insider report by Neil Hughes, which explains more and includes diagrams.

Meanwhile Justin over on Reviews of Electronics asks the question that many are wondering. Will the ever-growing amount of leaks and rumors about the iPhone 5 hit sales of the Verizon iPhone coming out in February?

What are your thoughts on an even slimmer iPhone with improved battery power? We’d be interested to hear from you so why not send us your comments about this.

  • Yiddo

    4.3 inch iPhone 5 128gb micro sd slots plus slimmer that would be awesome

  • Spencer Taylor

    The size of the phone is fine now. I'm not interested in smaller/thinner.

    The key feature I want is more memory, like 128Gb or more so I can stop having to rely on my iPod Classic which Apple seems to have forgotten about.

    • Will

      128GB is the key spec in my view. It's always been odd to me that Apple puts the least storage in the devices that have the most diverse storage requirements. I'm the guy who carries around his entire music library on an iPod, with everything ripped at high bit rates, so I need at least 64GB for music alone. Then videos, applications, pictures…let's get 128GB.

  • Lui Capriles

    yes… a 128gb iPhone will make a great and simple difference!! … more movies, pictures, music, books and plenty of apps without deleting anything! … Isn’t that instant revenues for SJ?

  • Dom

    Yes I agree, 128GB would be an ideal upgrade but also agree if they can make it slightly slimmer with an improved battery life and perhaps faster browse capabilities, then this is the way forward. A must has to be the antenna issue too, I have witheld myself from upgrading my 32GB 3GS because of the drop outs which my friends have all confirmed does happen without the protective sleeve. If all this happens, then I will be upgrading my phone and signing my life away for the next 2yrs with my SP. Come on Tim Cook, now is your chance to shine….

  • @NewiPhone5de

    I heard that the following rumors of new features are out now:

    The following rumors are out now..

    * Universal Multi-SIM
    * LTE support
    * New housing
    * 8 megapixel camera
    * circularly arranged menus
    * Full HD support
    * Near field communication
    * Solar Screen capacitive touchisplay (projection type)

    I really like to read your news, good job.
    Looking forward to read more about the new iPhone 5 soon.

  • adam

    hate the iphone 4, just too square. needs a more rounded shape like the 3gs and 128gbs of memory plus flash (come on apple stop being childish and flash support).

  • Kevin

    Just give me a terabyte iphone so I can load all of my albums on there, and have everything in one nice spot.