Facebook Apps for Business: Improve productivity

Here at OSM we’ve often posted articles about the use of social networking and social media for business purposes and it’s certainly being used more and more widely. Some people may not realize though, just how many Facebook Apps there are that could be really useful for business.

In fact there are over 500,000 apps on Facebook and many of them can be used to increase business productivity and practices. Alison Diana over on Information Week has selected 15 of the best Facebook apps for use in business and these are well worth closer inspection.

One of them is Pagemodo Pagebuilder and this is really useful for those who want to design a Facebook page. You don’t need to have design skills of your own. You can choose a template and add pictures and video and alter things such as text and font to create your own page to promote your business.

Another valuable app for your business could be Huddle. This enables businesses to create a secure workspace or ‘huddle’ where jobs can be scheduled, files shared and more. Team members and updated profiles can be added using Facebook. If you want to check out all the other excellent suggestions hit the Information Week link above.

If you have a small business you may also be interested in an excellent article over on smallbiztrends.com which points out that as well as using Facebook and Twitter, it’s also important for businesses to harness the power of Google. What are your thoughts on using Facebook apps for business and are there any useful suggestions for good apps that you could share with us? Why not let us know by sending us a comment.