Are Best Buy Preparing For iPad 2?

We have recently been looking at the way everyone is preparing for the iPad 2; we have already seen some cases with a suspicious hole at the back we think for a rear facing camera. We have also heard rumors that the Apple iPad 2 will be launched on either April 2nd or 9th.

The latest information that we have found came through a comment seen on one of the Slashgear articles where there are more iPad 2 cases being leaked, the commenter who goes by the name of ‘eric’ says that if you go to the Best Buy site and scroll to the bottom, they already have some links with prices with ‘coming soon’.

We decided to check out the link, which you can also do by heading to Best Buy and sure enough, at the bottom, there are 3 Apple slots, ready and waiting for perhaps the iPad 2. Of course this could be completely wrong, this could be for any Apple related product but why would the prices be there and why would they be so high?

With all the talk of CES 2011 being about the Motorola Xoom and the new Adam Ink tablets running on Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 OS we feel that if Apple want to stay in the game then they need to release the iPad 2 fairy promptly otherwise their customers may start to look elsewhere.

What do you think? Does this mean that the iPad 2 will be coming soon or is Best Buy throwing in a red herring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Ferris

    sweet cant wait for ipad 2 ill buy it as soon as it comes out

  • Eric Li

    Apple is not scared of any of the new tablets just like they weren't scared of any of the new mp3 players that came out. They have already built a fan base for their product that's big enough for people to wait until April. Look at the iphone 4 for example, it was by far not the best phone out there in terms of spec related issue yet when it launched, it was still the most wanted smart phone out of the bunch. All these rumors are just made to generate buzz so people will be more hyped up for it when it comes out.

  • oliver

    If apple doesn’t release the ipad in Europe one month after it releases it in the US I’m buying the Motorola Xoom. Sorry but I’m not buying an old product. I think many will do the same. Why would they even do something so stupid ? They sell more ipads outside the US.