New Astrological Signs 2011: Shock on Twitter

Some news this week seems to have set the Internet and social media posts alight and surrounds astrological signs. It appears that the goalposts for astrological signs have been moved and that there are now 13 instead of the traditional 12 we’ve all heard of before.

Over on Associated Content Donna Porter looks into this and points out that some people are in crisis because of the zodiac signs changing and mentions the Internet buzz it has created. Apparently the basis that astrological signs were based on has been shown to be imprecise and there should really be a 13th zodiac sign, named Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer.

The article also notes though that zodiac changes in 2011 aren’t going to happen but does give the full proposed dates for the new set of 13 signs. Another article this time on The Examiner by Michael Essany tells us how the new zodiac sign appears to be ruining lives on Twitter and the upset it is causing amongst thousands of people who’ve taken to tweeting about it. Head to the link above and you can read a selection of tweets regarding the new astrological signs.

You can also check out this Twitter page here with tweets about this Ophiuchus and Twitter users’ response. What are your thoughts on possibly becoming a different zodiac sign? Are you in turmoil at the news or maybe you think it shows that the whole theory of astrology has been flawed? We’d be really interested to hear what you think about this so please do send us your comments.