Facebook Down Today: Is it For You?

Facebook is the biggest of the social networking sites boasting over 500 million users with around half of them that perform activities daily. Today we have a big question, is Facebook down for you?

We have tried to access our OSM Facebook page and have been unsuccessful. If it’s down for the whole day then it looks like you won’t be able to apply your social media marketing techniques, that is, unless you can do them on the iPhone App. We are unsure about other OS apps but can confirm that Facebook is still running through the Apple iPhone 4 application.

What happens for multiple members of OSM is when you search for a page, it just doesn’t seem to load. You have to wonder what it is they may be doing? If however this is unexpected downtime like Skype had at the end of December, then Facebook will need to say something quickly or face the wrath of their 250 million daily user’s frustration of not being able to access their page. What do you think has happened? Unexpected downtime or are they actually doing something with this site? We are sure all will be revealed.

Is Facebook down for you? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Debbi

    Still down for me too…been for the whole day so far… :(

  • Amanda

    down for me too, Northern Ireland

  • mettauk

    Devon UK and unable to log in bar once for past 8 hours

  • PamieAFC

    Facebook is down for me and my friends in thee UK. Can access it fine on Ipod Touch and my mobile.

  • Nikki

    Has there been a reason given yet? I've looked, but can't find an explanation. I've been trying to get on since 11am. I got on once but was kicked off after 5 minutes. The page just doesn't load like everyone else. If it isn't the new profile, then what is happening?? It is obviously affecting a lot of people so we deserve an explanation and perhaps a time frame of when it might be back up? Only my opinion!!

  • http://www.wepromoteyouonline.com Phil Henderson

    Yep it's down here in Glasgow, Scotland too

    It's been off and on since yesterday

    Started to load slowly and then it would freeze; now it's down again :-(

  • kate

    Not down for me. I live in Germany, and everything is completely normal here. The same about all my friends who are abviously online, too! 😉

  • sadfan99

    Thank goodness it is not just me! I've tried IE and Firefox, rebooted router, tried on phone, netbook, home pc and even (desperation) work laptop and no joy…I guess I just have to wait :-(

  • Claire

    Down for me too, since late last night

  • mish

    it's working 😀

  • kingo

    down ont he mac thru chrome and safari, widows down iphone aliveeeeee :) slow though

  • andy

    i was on face book a few hours ago but reli slow and not work properley and now cant get on the site at all in from london uk

  • tony

    down in nairobi kenya

  • http://gmail.com jemar

    it's not functioning well … it's so frustrating … hope facebook resolve this

  • May

    FB page doesnt load successfully. It says "page error. try again later". When I asked my cousin who lives right next the street, she doesn't have any problem with FB. Weird… it is the only site who doesn't load successfully. All that displays are the text without any background/logos :(

  • http://cintashark.blogspot.com salwani

    hard 4 me without facebook since i have photography learning wif few friends there..is there anyway that we can solve this problem??