Tablets Vs. Games Consoles Vs. PCs: Cannibalizing Sales

It appears that the trusty PC is beginning to suffer from the upsurge in tablet devices and also gaming consoles with news that sales are being hit hard. Over the holiday season not only did the continued surge of tablets such as the iPad conspire to dent sales of PCs, but other connected devices such as the Xbox and PS3 gaming consoles also hit sales.

Sales of PC’s were far lower than anticipated and Mikako Kitigawa, analyst for Gartner said, “Overall, holiday PC sales were weak in many key regions due to the intensifying competition in consumer spending. Media tablets, such as the iPad, as well as other consumer electronic (CE) devices, such as games consoles, all competed against PCs,” according to Patrick Goss over on Tech Radar.

Some gaming consoles now also offer internet browsing and the fact that more and more other devices offer PC-like functions is likely to be adding to the impact upon sales of PCs. Barry Collins over on PC Pro has also looked into how sales of PCs were damaged over the holiday season and focuses on the rise of tablets in this respect.

PC sales worldwide only received modest growth in the last quarter of 2010 and most of the blame for this is being put upon Apple’s iPad. With a glut of new and improved tablets on the way after CES 2011, such as the Android Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry PlayBook, not to mention an iPad 2 due, it doesn’t look as though things are going to get any better for the traditional PC.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think people may revert to PCs when the novelty of tablets wears off, or are tablets here to stay and will eventually lead to the demise of the PC? Do you now use your gaming console for things you used to do on your PC? Why not send us your comments to let us know your views on this.