PSP2 Vs. PS3: Sony’s 2011 Power Struggle

Just as the Nintendo 3DS gaming console release is drawing closer more gaming news about the Sony PSP2 is coming out. The device is due out in the last quarter of 2011 and there is set to be an announcement about it coming on January 27.

Ben Parfitt over on MCV tells us that the announcement will be coming from Tokyo. A significant factor is that Sony is holding the PSP2 up as a portable equal to the PS3 and says that it will also have excellent games content. Apparently Sony has informed licencees that the PSP2 will be “as powerful as the PS3.”

The device is said to have an HD screen along with twin-stick controls and it’s the possibility of HD handheld games that has developers and consumers salivating. Aong with physical software the PSP2 will also use downloadable content from the PSN and could even include a phone, although this should not be confused with the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone (or Xperia Play),due to be launched at MWC in February.

Meanwhile a Sony discussion over on the Forums at GamrConnect looks into the likelihood of the PSP2 having Blu-ray and notes that recent reports imply the graphics on the PSP2 will rival that of the PS3 so it really looks as though Sony is going all out to impress with this new device.

It remains to be seen of course, which will come out on top, the PSP2 or PS3 and we’d like to know what you think about this so please do send us your comments.

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    The Nintendo 3DS will beat out the PSP 2.