Nokia N9 Release Date Update: No April Fool

With the Consumer Electronics Show of 2011 been and gone, our thoughts are now focused on what the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will offer us. Two of the biggest events to take place this year will no doubt be setting the remainder of the year in good stead. As well as an array of smartphones to come out of the CES, news of Nokia’s follow up to the N8 is circulating on the web today.

A rumor sparked on networking site Twitter, is reporting that the new “N” model will be making an appearance in next month’s MWC event. Unfortunately, the subsequent debut and launch of the N8 last year failed to impress quite a few of you, and in turn the smartphone it was reported by found it difficult to contend with the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4. But is Nokia’s latest edition about to change that?

The biggest feature to come out of this new handset will be the introduction of its new OS “MeeGo.” Reported as cutting edge technology, this will be the first time that a phone has launched with this OS, therefore giving mobile phone users a change to that of Android and iOS.

The guys over at have given us a small insight into what you can expect to see from this new offering. Included will be a possible 4-inch OLED screen, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 768MB of RAM, 12 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard, followed as stated, 1 GB of built in storage, 64GB of internal memory, High Definition 720p video recording, Bluetooth 2.1 and so on. Check out leaked photos of the device courtesy of the link directly above.

What are your thoughts on Nokia’s next “N” model? With a new OS system, will it have any chance of being a contender in the current sea of phones?

  • TheOneLaw

    Still just an unpleasant rumour at this time,
    Nokia has betrayed its developer community to the extent where many
    are abandoning any hope that the firm will even try to make this a credible launch.
    Nokia has, since the 9500 and 9300 communicator series
    lost all sense of continuity and is simply stumbling from one OS to another.
    Wish they would get it right this time but their recent behaviour suggests a market disaster
    that will long be remembered in classes as a textbook example of how to fail in epic fashion.

  • Anon

    Nokia has, for the longest time, had an anti-software work culture. Its hardware people call the shots, and the software people obey.

    Also, Nokia should have ditched Symbian long, long time ago. Unfortunately, it didn't, most likely due to a mixture of 'face', Finnish stubbornness and political reasons.

    Nokia, stop your navel gazing at your glorious past, and buck up. Otherwise, you will soon end up as the McDonald's of mobile devices. Or worse, the Betamax of the early 21st century.

    Good luck Mr Elop. I sincerely wish you all the best.

  • pachka

    I am big fan of Nokia hardware it's multitaking capabilities,it's long battrey life,the camera and HD recordings are excellent on N8. However, I was seriously disappointed by the apps on Nokia. Simple things like, the apps developed for 5800 are not available for N8 had seriously put me off. Nokia should understand the old mantra "if you can not beat them, then join them" … Nokia need to move to android to keep selling their handset. Nokia is spending a lot on market research,but lacking in market reseach but ignoring the biggest feedback from every one "change the OS" !!

  • Raf

    In all honesty, I dont care much about the MeeGo OS. I am more than satisfied with Maemo 5 and cant imagine using another OS for my phone. But the Nokia N9 seems like a worthy machinery I hope and pray maybe you can install Maemo 5 on the N9 and that especially you can upload your oold apps and settings from your old N900. Dudes I preach that the Maemo 5 multitasking is the best damn mulstitasking on the planet. Windows not only running in the background but anytime of applications run flawlessly in the background. Whether it be loading a web page or downloaing or games. It s just that damn good.