Apple iPad 2: Rumored Launch April 2nd or 9th?

It seems that after the hype of Verizon’s iPhone 4 announcement, and the recent onslaught of tablet devices on show at CES this year, we have let one thing slip to the back of our minds. I am of course talking about Apple’s iPad 2.

We have been following all the speculation and rumors about the mysterious 2nd generation Apple tablet, from the expected specs list, to the secret glimpse at the show in Las Vegas. But now we have information sourced by BGR giving hints of the iPad 2’s possible release dates.

Rumor states that the U.S. will get their hand on Apple’s new tablet in the early part of April, dates suggested are either Saturday April 2nd or Saturday April 9th.

Mac Rumors remarked how Apple will keep sales in-house for the first six months before retailers like Walmart and Best Buy are handed the reigns to distribute through their stores. Unveiling the iPad 2 in this way follows the path that was set by Apple when the illustrious first gen iPad broke cover. Back then the U.S. got first pickings direct from Apple, before it became available through all other markets.

It has also been said that the new iPad will gain a Retina Display and house front and rear cameras, also a USB port will be part of the package.

So there you have it, providing rumor serves us correctly, it wont be long before we get to see the new iPad 2, and just in time before we are also treated to the iPhone 5. Tell us what you would like to see on the new tablet, and do you think that Apple will again move the goal posts for other manufacturers?

  • yourscreek

    I want to extend the storage of ipad and get the freedom of choice to apps. Hoping ipad 2 support vp8 to save the pay of a video converter like ifunia flv converter.

  • Robert

    If the iPad 2 does get a retina display I don't think they will be able to keep it at the current price point or meet demand. My prediction is that the existing iPad will get a slight makeover with front and rear cameras and very little else. iPad 2 will get a better display called Retina Display but not quite the same ppi as the iPhone 4 but enough that it will be very hard to see individual pixels unless you hold it ridiculously close. the USB will only allow for charging and the same function as the Camera dock on iPad 1 but not enough power to run say a 3G dongle. iPad 2 will start with 32GB and go to 128GB with pricing of the 32GB near the 64GB Wifi iPad 1 and going up to near MacBook Air prices for the larger models