Verizon iPhone vs Motorola Atrix on AT&T: 3G or 4G release dilemma

So everybody heard the news they were waiting for yesterday, the official announcement of a Verizon iPhone and it has to be said this news pleased an awful lot of people. However we should remember that for now at least, a Verizon iPhone will only run on it’s 3G network as it’s not an LTE 4G phone.

Other competitors that could take the shine off the iPhone for Verizon include the Motorola Droid Bionic which is a 4G phone, also coming to Verizon. We’ve already posted a comparison of the importance of these 2 handsets but we shouldn’t forget the Motorola Atrix 4G, which is coming to AT&T. For a comparison of specs for these smartphones take a look at this article on iLoop which also compares these to the Droid Bionic and Samsung Nexus S.

We are also interested though in whether the Verizon iPhone has been overrated considering the fact that it will run on 3G. Once the initial hype has worn off a bit many might wonder if they’d be better off getting a 4G phone, whether on Verizon or AT&T. For instance Dan Gallagher on Market Watch points out that an iPhone capable of running on the 4G Verizon network might yet be sometime away. Tim Cook, Apple Chief Operating Officer, said at the launch of the Verizon iPhone, “The first generation of LTE chipsets forces design compromises we didn’t want to make. We wanted to give Verizon customers the iPhone now.”

Although many are now speaking of a Verizon iPhone 5 LTE phone, it seems some analysts now feel we will not see one of those until 2012. Meanwhile Sandra Gordon over on the Chicago Sun-Times makes the point that sales of Motorola Android products such as the Xoom tablet that was voted ‘Best in Show’ at CES and also the Atrix 4G phone, could well suffer from the launch of the Verizon iPhone.

One thing that seems sure though is that whatever is said about 4G phones becoming available very soon, there are enough Verizon customers who’ve been waiting for the iPhone, meaning huge sales of it on Verizon are virtually guaranteed. Whether as more time passes people start to opt instead for 4G phones such as the Atrix or the Droid Bionic remains to be seen but it will certainly be interesting waiting to find out.

We’d appreciate your thoughts on this so please feel free to send in your comments. Are you an iPhone fan who’ll be purchasing on Verizon, or maybe you’ll wait for the extremely powerful Motorola Atrix 4G?

  • savage04gto

    The Motorola Atrix 4g is going to blow the iPhone, on AT&T or verizon, out of the water. Simple as that. Now if we could just get a release date for the Atrix.

  • TareX

    I don't know anyone in his/her right mind who wouldn't go for the Bionic LTE 4G or the Atrix 4G over the iPhone 4. However, many people are not in their right mind…

  • Rewdmm

    How is Verizon able to claim it has a 4G network, when it will be capable of only 12 megabits per second download speeds, instead of the 100 megabits that the 4G specification stipulates?

  • KenX

    Here's a though how is the sales of the Motorola ATRIX 4G going to be impacted by the Verizon iPhone, when the ATRIX is only an AT&T phone. I can see individuals leaving AT&T for Verizon, but I can see those wanted a ATRIX 4G going o Verizion for an iPhone 3G.

  • Afya Asif

    I would give the speed advantage to the iPhone. I don’t care how many cores it has if it still takes longer to scroll on a

    web page or move around in the OS. iPhone in the video was much smoother and data speeds as of today suggest the iPhone sees

    higher network speeds. Your spec category is completely useless and obviously from what we saw from your own result in the

    speed category, turned out a completely irrelevant category. The web browser may have flash, but the browsing experience

    isn’t as nice with all that lag, you could call this one a draw just for the added benefit of having flash. The OS category,

    I agree, the notifications on iPhone stink but it is also a very stable and smooth OS while Android despite having much

    better notifications has that annoying lag and slow response, Draw. Apps would seem to be definitely an iPhone win,

    everything on Android isn’t nearly as polished as their iOs counter parts, though I do like a lot of the tethering apps and

    freedom Android has, Draw. Screen is definitely a win for the iPhone, text is so much better and pictures look great as does

    video, the only one that you can say would be a draw would be SAMOLED just because of the colors and low power consumption,

    the difference in viewing angles is irrelevant.

    Specs: Atrix 4G (stupid category and not an indicator of performance as we can see in the video)
    Apps: Draw
    Screen: iPhone 4
    Speed: iPhone 4
    OS: Draw
    Browser: Draw
    Cameras(could be Specs): iPhone 4
    Build: iPhone 4
    Call quality, speakers: iPhone 4 (no audio note i have ever sent sound as good as the ones from my iPhone 4)

    Winner: iPhone 4

    Apple still has the best smartphone on the market. I have had the at&t iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone 4, Droid Incredible,

    Samsung Fascinate, Motorola Droid X and HTC Evo 4G and used the Nexus S and MyTouch 4G extensively.

    1. iPhone 4
    2. HTC Evo 4G
    3. HTC MyTouch 4G
    4. Samsung Nexus S
    5. Samsung Fascinate, Motorola Atrix 4G
    6. Droid Incredible
    7. Motorola Droid X

    If the Fascinate had Froyo it would beat out the Nexus S and MyTouch 4G, despite lack of front facing camera.

    I have read below article that explain very deeply about both products Fight????
    Markeet Fight :: Motorola Atrix 4G Vs Iphone4!