Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011: Your Expectations

CES 2011 is only just done-and-dusted which means that our attention is already being headed towards the Mobile World Congress 2011, this time being held in Barcelona. Speculation is already beginning to mount about expectations from the event so we thought we’d take a closer look at just some of what may be coming.

The event is being held between the 14th and 17th of February and for some of us it’s difficult to imagine how much more can be announced about new phones after CES but rest-assured we’re certain to see more in the way of not only new handsets but also tablets, according to Gareth Beavis over on Tech Radar.

Beavis has looked at what we might see from the likes of Microsoft, LG, Motorola and Samsung and also says that more information will be added as news comes in. One of the things noted to be expected is the LG Android tablet device that may be called the Optimus Pad, along with maybe another high-end smartphone after we saw the Optimus Black launched at CES.

It’s also noted that Microsoft is expected to bring a ‘big update’ to MWC 2011 for the Windows Phone 7 OS. Here at OSM we’ve also previous reported that Samsung is due to announce its range of dual-core phones and tablets at MWC. If you want to find out more about MWC check out the website for the event. We’d be interested to find out about your expectations from MWC 2011 so why not send us your comments.