iPhone 4 “Black Diamond” Dock Includes Mood Lighting

For the last few weeks, it is fair to say that a huge amount of attention has been steered towards the CES show 2011, one of the largest electronic shows that you can expect to visit, and the subsequent debut of the Verizon iPhone 4 that we reported on yesterday. But in light of this, we must be careful to not forget what the iPhone can offer us in terms of specifications as well as some of the great accessories on the current and future market.

The guys over at Engadget have today brought us news about a new concept called “Black Diamond” or the “3D Dock for iPhone” from Taiwan company “Yantouch.” First seen at the CES 2011, on appearance, the Black Diamond incorporates a spherical shape and is made as iLounge.com reported, a faceted translucent black plastic. It comes in the form of a dock, charger and a sound sensitive mood lamp using the colors from your handset’s screen. Touch controls on your handset will allow you to adjust or change the effects on the screen before inserting into the dock for charging or lightning.

The Black Diamond idea although still in its early stages can be brought for $80 with the free app available to download from the App Store. On accessing this, you can then choose Plasma, Breath, Lightning, Flames and so on. If this new idea takes off, then Yantouch are hoping to extend this app to the Android market.

What do you make of this new concept? Would you be swayed into spending $80 on it? Let us know. To look at pictures and a video check out Engadget.