Freecom: Thinnest Mobile Hard Drive – Aimed at Macs

Mobile hard drives are becoming something that is pretty popular; of course there is a real requirement for them these days with people wanting to backup their data to make sure if anything is lost it’s minimal.

We have already seen a few pretty cool hard drives, but our favorite so far has to be the ioSafe HD that was displayed at CES 2011. This one was fired at with shotguns and then shot with an assault rifle to show how sturdy it is. Unfortunately with the Freecom hard drive, whilst it may be the thinnest mobile hard drive in the world today, it’s been aimed at Mac users.

The device’s case is made from magnesium; this gives it portability and strength, perhaps not as much strength as the ioSafe, but enough! The device comes in a few different sizes, you can get it in 320GB and the device is only 10mm thick, you can get the 750GB which sizes up at 12mm thick and has a compatibility with USB 3.0. The final model is the 750GB with USB 3.0 and FireWire connections; this one is at 12mm thick as well.

According to Slashgear’s Shane McGlaun, the devices of course are priced differently the 320GB model is priced at €79.95, the 320GB without FireWire connection is at €119.95 and the final model with the FireWire connectivity is at €129.95. You can also see more about the devices over on their official website. Slashgear also mention that the availability is not yet known but as soon as it is we can give an update.

What do you think of the device? Do you think they should broaden their horizons and offer it out to all users rather than only Mac?