White iPhone 4: Appears On Verizon Product Page – Mistake?

Oh dear, it looks like somebody has made a bit of a blunder! The Verizon iPhone was released earlier today within the Verizon event, but what we didn’t expect to see was a White Verizon iPhone appearing on the Verizon store.

The Verizon iPhone in different colors was on our wish list but lets be honest, it wasn’t what we all wanted to see most. We have previously speculated on a White iPhone being available, we even saw them appearing in China. Of course, it’s not only us that have noticed the mythical device, Slashgear’s Evan Selleck also reported the news, as did Federico Viticci of macstories.net.

What happened next is fairly amusing and it may frustrate many iPhone users who were hoping to switch to Verizon and pick up a nice shiny new White iPhone 4. As quickly as the picture went up, it came back down again, but don’t worry, we have a snapped it! See the iPhone 4 in white below standing proudly next to the original Apple iPhone 4 in black.

Is this perhaps a surprise package that Apple and Verizon are planning to pull on the release day or is this just a big blunder? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.