Skype’s New Record: 27 Million Simultaneous Logins

After learning of Skype’s recent purchase of Qik and following their recent unplanned outage, and releasing video calling on the Apple iPhone, new news has surfaced saying that Skype has seen 27 million users logged in at the same time.

According to, normally Skype sees around the 25 million users logged in simultaneously during peak times but the record comes at the end of the holiday season. Coincidence… We don’t think so, the holiday season will have seen many users getting smartphones, tablets and laptops, we believe this is the cause of the rise.

On the other hand, does the updated Skype app have anything to do with the rise? Perhaps it does, that’s the view taken by’s Ryan Lawler, head over and read his full article. If you want to keep up with all the Skype announcements then you can over on the Facebook page. You can also keep up with them over at their official blog.

Are you impressed by the number of users Skype is recording? What do you think the next steps will be for Skype? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.