Samsung Nexus S: Reboot Problem – Any Others?

The Samsung Nexus S was one of the most anticipated cell phones of 2010; it is one of the most popular Android OS handsets on the market. We recently brought you some instructions for overclocking your device to a 1.4GHz but again, this isn’t something we would recommend.

We are now hearing of issues with the Samsung Nexus S where it reboots during phone calls. We are unsure how many users are affected or what the cause is, but it seems crazy that a problem of such would slip through the net.

Whilst searching for information on the issue we came across an article at, Rob Jackson who has written the article says that enough people have finally reported the problem for Google to see that they need to intervene.

According to’s Kate Solomon, Google has now acknowledged the bug; they have successfully replicated it and are now working with Samsung on the investigation of the problem. Head over to Solomon’s full article and have a read.

If you are having the same issue, then leave us a comment and then head over to Google’s thread and make your presence felt. We also want to hear about any other problems you are having with the device, so let us know them too below.

  • Hansen

    Yes, that’s correct. The phone is rebooting in conversation mode. It’s not happened all the time. Only experienced in a long conversation.

    Another problem is the color calibration to the screen. Hard to explan, but it isn’t nature color, specially when the screen is dimmed.

  • Paladin

    It's not happening on all phones, or even a majority. If it would, then Google probably would've caught it before release, and anyway there would be an uproar from the customers. Mine never rebooted in the two weeks i've used it.

    That doesn't mean the problem isn't there and should not be fixed. Just hope it's a software problem and not hardware.