PlayStation Phone: Rage Racer & Resident Evil 2 Clips On YouTube

Since September 2010 here at OSM, we have brought you various reports about the forthcoming device the “PlayStation Phone.” Also referred to in previous news as the “Zeus Z1” or “Xperia Play,” we were keen to share with you some interesting footage found over on YouTube.

The PlayStation Phone as we are now calling it has still to have a confirmed debut and consequently launch date, just last week Debbie brought you yet more pictures sourced from a Chinese website courtesy of Engadget. In comparison the device is sharing similarities of the PSPGo and also other Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets, but with this to just go on and snippets of possible spec information floating around, it is difficult to gauge any real positivity from this. So where does today’s news fit into this?

The guys over at Phones Review via Edge have reported on YouTube footage showing the PlayStation Phone running games Resident Evil 2 as well as Rage Racer through what looks like an emulator, and it’s clearly showing a menu titled ROM Buddy. As it was stated, the games played must have been launched through BIN files and images taken from original discs, so this poses the question of, has the device got a built in PS1 emulation?

What are your thoughts on this? Tell us are you waiting patiently for the PlayStation Phone to make an appearance?