Heidi The Cross Eyed German Opossum: Video & Facebook Profile

When it comes to viral videos that sweep the nation, they are normally extraordinary or hilarious, this one we cannot quite decide which way we are swaying. We have shown a few different viral videos, our favorite probably being the most recent, Ted Williams and his golden voice.

We have reported on Paul the World Cup Predicting Octopus, now we are reporting on Heidi the Cross Eyed German Opossum. The creature is thought to be about two and a half years old and was found in North Carolina in the United States with her sister Naira. The pair have been residents at Leipzig Zoo in Germany since their rescue in May.

Heidi and Naira will have the company of Teddy who is another Opossum and as Heidi’s Facebook page says, they will be making their first appearance in the Zoo on July 1st. Now you may have been wondering from the pictures, what’s with the crazy eyes? According to the telegraph.co.uk, Heidi has been diagnosed at the German Zoo where she resides and they believe that it could be fat deposits behind her eyes that are present because she is overweight.

There are numerous YouTube videos of the Opossum as well as many people reporting the news that she has indeed become an Internet sensation, to name a few for you to check out, head over to Toronto sun.com where they have an article on Heidi. The best place to learn more about Heidi is the actual zoo webpage so head on over and read up on her and also head to the bottom of our article for a few fun YouTube clips.

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